Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is all about supporting your academic success and persistence to graduation. By focusing on individualized support, the Academic Coach works with you to build skills and self-advocacy through co-creating a success plan that considers your life experiences, academic goals, and long-term professional aspirations.

The Academic Coach can also connect you to appropriate services on campus, such as mental health services, tutoring, career guidance, learning accommodations, and more.

Each session is different. The topic depends on you, although the Academic Coach will work with you to help identify challenge areas and solidify short- and long-term goals.

Common topics may include effective learning and study strategies, time management, test anxiety, notetaking tips, and how to get the most out of homework and class.

The first appointment is one hour and follow-up meetings are thirty minutes. Students seeking academic coaching are encouraged to attend between 3-5 meetings throughout the semester, although each student is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The Academic Coaching team also offers in-class presentations, group coaching, and monthly skill-based success workshops for engineering students. More information is available through the ENGR Academic Coaching Blackboard page and posted flyers throughout the engineering buildings.

Who is Academic Coaching for?

Academic coaching is offered in partnership with the First-Year Engineering Program, but any engineering students are invited to meet with the Academic Coach- whether you’re a first-semester freshmen or a final-semester graduate student. (Non-engineering students can access peer academic coaching through Success+.) This is a free service for all engineering students. No referral is needed.

How do I make an appointment?

Schedule an appointment online or log-in to UA Success, navigate to the “My Success Network” search bar and type “Engineering Academic Coaching.” Select “Schedule Appointment” and follow the prompts to find a suitable meeting time and location. Make sure you go through all the screens and have clicked “Confirm” to complete the process. If you are having any difficult scheduling the appointment, please contact the Academic Coaching team at

Who are the Academic Coaches?

McKenzie Reaume

McKenzie Reaume, Engineering Academic Coach

Academic Coach

Call Email Visit | ENGR 328


Rafael Gutierrez, Engineering Senior Academic Coach

Senior Academic Coach

Call Email Visit | ENGR 328


Academic Coach Graduate Assistant: Calculus

Academic Coach Graduate Assistant: Calculus

Email Visit | ENGR 225


Alix Ineza Karangwa, Academic Coach Graduate Assistant

Academic Coach Graduate Assistant

Email Visit | ENGR 225

Are You Struggling with Calculus?

We have a Graduate Assistant who specializes with Calculus I and Calculus II students. Schedule an appointment through UA Success.