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 Honors Research


Engineering first-year students who are in the Honors College, enrolled in a MATH course of Calculus II or higher, and are looking to gain experience above and beyond what is covered in the typical Introduction to Engineering I and II sequence may elect to participate in an FEP Honors Experience. This is a four-credit hour, two-semester honors experience with two tracks to choose from:

  1. Honors Research Experience - During the Honors Research Colloquium in the fall semester, students attend weekly research seminars delivered by University of Arkansas faculty and learn to utilize library resources to conduct background research on engineering topics. About halfway through the fall semester, students begin working in teams of two on undergraduate research projects defined and mentored by a member of the College of Engineering faculty.
  2. Honors Innovation Experience - During the Honors Innovation Colloquium in the fall semester, students explore topics in innovation and entrepreneurship including lean start-ups, intellectual property, venture capital, product costs and marketing channels via seminars presented by industry professionals. Instead of conducting research with a faculty mentor, they have faculty mentors to help them with innovative design projects.  In addition to presenting their design, these students will also consider product market and business development plans in their symposium materials.  The students should conclude whether it is worth continuing to invest in their product.

In April, students participate in the Honors Engineering Symposium. For the symposium, each team of students prepares a technical paper, participates in a poster session, and delivers a 20-minute technical presentation. All symposium activities are judged by a panel comprised of former symposium participants.


Requirements to apply:

  1. Accepted into the Honors College
  2. AP credit for Calculus * 
  3. 400 to 500 word essay providing your perspective on the importance of innovation or research. Explain why you believe a first-year innovation or research experience is right for you.

*An exception for AP credit is granted if students earned college credit for Calculus I because their high school did not offer AP calculus

As part of this application, students will be required to submit proof of Calculus I credit.


The Honors Experience Application form will be available on July 6th


The application deadline is Wednesday, July 21. Applicants should begin checking their UARK email on July 29 for notice of acceptance. All applicants will receive an email regarding the status of their application by August 2. Students who are accepted will receive assistance modifying their fall schedule to add the appropriate courses.

All questions regarding the Honors Experience and the application process should be directed to fep@uark.edu