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The 3rd & 4th Floors of Yocum Hall are dedicated to just the Engineering LLC


As a member of this community you will have the unique opportunity to engage with peers and faculty members from the College of Engineering to help enhance your academic performance during your first year at the University of Arkansas. Students in the Engineering Living Learning Community (LLC) are likely to get together often for studying, reviewing, and discussing course work in the residence hall. The Engineering LLC offers initiatives such as study sessions, informal interaction with faculty and staff, guest speakers on various engineering related topics, and much more.

Choose this LLC if

  • You are a first year student majoring in engineering
  • You want to live in the same residence hall and form study groups with other first year engineering majors
  • You want to participate in extracurricular activities that connect learning in and out of the classroom
  • You want to engage with faculty, staff and students outside of the classroom to support your transition into the College of Engineering

Who Can Participate in the LLC?

Students must qualify for the LLC by one of two ways:

  1. Students have test scores or previous college credit to qualify for Precalculus or higher.
    1. ACT Math score of 26 or higher
    2. SAT Math score of 600 or higher (620 or higher for Redesigned SAT)
    3. College credit for College Algebra
  2. Arkansas Students who qualify for College Algebra or Precalculus that participate in Summer Bridge Program – Engineering Math Accelerated Program
    1. Take a 5 week summer course from July 2 – August 3.  The program is offered by the College of Engineering and tuition, housing, meals and fun activities are all included for free. Accepted students must purchase course materials (approximately $130).
    2. Students will live in summer housing during the program and then transition to Yocum in the fall.

More information can be found online at

Students can learn which math class they currently qualify for on the Math Placement Test page. Students not currently qualified for Calculus I can take the math placement exam starting in mid-March. 


  • LLC Students must live with another LLC participant
  • LLC Students must block Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00pm to participate in LLC activities (one or two planned each month not to exceed 5 hours per month) 
  • LLC Students must be enrolled in the following classes during the fall semester:
    • GNEG 1111 Introduction to Engineering I 
    • MATH 1284 Precalculus or higher
    • CHEM 1103 University Chemistry 

Okay I want in! How do I sign up?

Apply through ResNet on the University of Arkansas Housing website.



Adrienne Gaines
Associate Director, Student Services Program
Phone: (479) 575-3625