Preparing for Advising Appointment

As you plan to attend your summer orientation session, you will need to complete the following steps to prepare for your one-on-one advising appointment. Write down questions you have. They may get answered by the next video or in the guidebooks. If not, you will have them available at your appointment.

Note: All steps should be completed 2-3 days before your advising appointment.

1. Check your UARK email account. You will receive an email from UASuccess Calendar 5 days prior to your orientation session with your specific one-on-one advising appointment time. The email will contain information on your initial math placement based on ACT and SAT scores on file. You will use this information to complete the Fall Math Verification Form in Step 3.

 2. Watch the Orientation Overview video to learn about the First-Year Engineering Program and begin the orientation advising process.

3. Complete the Fall Math Verification Form to determine your starting math class. Then you will watch the video below that pertains to your fall math class:

4. Watch the State Minimum Core Requirements video to learn about the requirements specific for engineering degrees.

5. Watch the General Semester Information video to learn about credit hours, scholarship renewal requirements, FERPA 3rd Party Release, 8 semester degree plan, and UAConnect notifications.

6. Watch the following videos about special programs that may interest you.

7. Complete the Engineering Pre-Advising Form to provide your advisor with information necessary to plan your fall schedule. This should be completed at least 2-3 days prior to your advising appointment.

8. Read the Student Guidebook in its entirety prior to your one-on-one advising appointment.

9. Familiarize yourself with UAConnect. You can view tips for help with UAConnect.