Get the Support You Need to Succeed in Your Classes Learn About the Different Engineering Fields Get to Know Your Classmates

What is the First-Year Engineering Program?

The First-Year Engineering Program is designed to help first year students build a solid foundation for their engineering education. All new students take a common set of classes, which includes an introduction to engineering class. This class will help students get to know all the different engineering fields, and choose a major that is right for them.

FEP more than just a set of classes. It also provides orientation, peer mentoring, tutoring and supplemental instruction, academic advising, basic career advising, and academic skills development. In addition, the First-year Engineering Center has computer labs as well as areas for tutoring, study groups and mentoring.

Finally, FEP provides lots of social opportunities for students. Take advantage of our living learning community to really connect with your classmates, and the First-year Engineering Center is a great place to hang out and catch up with other students. In addition, FEP sponsors lots of fun extracurricular activities, so you can unwind and get to know your classmates.