First Year Curriculum

The First-Year Engineering Academic Program is a two-semester program required for all incoming freshmen starting in the College of Engineering and all transfer students who have not completed Calculus I. Students are initially declared as “Engineering First Year Student”. During the spring semester, students will select their major and transition to their new department to begin discipline-specific courses their second year.


The two-semester curriculum includes the following:

  • Introduction to Engineering I and II
  • Two mathematics courses
  • Science courses based on student’s math progress
  • Composition I and II
  • At least one university core elective


FEP is designed to provide proactive support for all new freshmen entering the College of Engineering. Particular emphasis is placed on academic, personal and career success, which leads to student success. The Peer Mentoring Program is a major component of the first-year engineering courses to help students transition successfully into the College of Engineering.


The First-Year curriculum for can be found in the Catalog of Studies. Students who do not qualify to start in Calculus I will have an adjusted first-year schedule.