Choosing a Major

Decision Day 2015

College of Engineering students select their major in the Spring Semester of their first year during our Decision Day event. Students will have an opportunity to learn about the nine departments within the College of Engineering during their Introduction to Engineering course and by participating in Informational Department Sessions. After a student has selected their major they will receive advising from their chosen department and complete the transition for the first semester of their second year.

To move into this undergraduate program, a General Engineering student must have completed each required course in the First-Year Engineering Academic Program with a University of Arkansas GPA of 2.0 and satisfied any additional requirements set forth by their new home department. General Engineering students who do not meet these conditions are advised academically within the First-Year Engineering Program on a case-by-case basis until they meet the conditions for entering a discipline-specific College of Engineering undergraduate program. These students are required to enroll in the courses necessary to remove their deficiencies; however, they can also enroll in discipline-specific College of Engineering courses for which they have satisfied the pre-requisites.